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Meet The Team

Dr. Albert Chan

Clinical Psychologist

Over 22 yrs of experience in marriage/family therapy, parenting, sex therapy, depression, personal coaching, and corporate management/training, etc.

$ 1050 / hr


Licensed Counsellor

 Over 21 yrs of experience in couple relationships, family, parenting, career training, depression, stress, and anxiety.

$ 950 / hr


Ms. Lotus Chan

Licensed Counsellor

Over 15 yrs of experience in couple relationships, depression, anxiety, LGTB, cancer survivors, trauma, family, parenting, and corporate training, etc.

$ 1550 / hr


Ms. Christina Leung

Clinical Psychologist

Over 11 yrs of experience specializing in children/parenting, family, stress/panic, depression, and anger, etc.

$ 2000 / hr


Dr. Carmen Ip

Licensed Counsellor

Specializes in trauma, stress/panic, eating or sleeping disorder, self-esteem. She is also a volunteer for children with autism and their families.

$ 650 / hr

Eli Chow.png

Ms. Eli Chow

Licensed Counsellor

Mr. Frederick Chan has an experience of 12 years and provides counseling services enabling clients to speak frankly about issues relating to life, family and career.

$ 900 / hr

Frederick Chan.png

Mr. Frederick Chan

Darsi Jaya Raju.png

Mr. Darsi Jaya Raju

Licensed Counsellor

Over 10 yrs of experience in family, depression, couple relationships, stress/anxiety disorder, trauma, addictions, etc.

$ 800 / hr

Clinical Psychologist

Specializes in children development, parenting, couple relationships, family, emotional disturbance, behavioral correcting, trauma, etc. 

$ 800 / hr

Vivienne Tong.png

Ms. Vivienne Tong

Christine Sze.png

Ms. Christine Sze

Licensed Counsellor

Specializes in couple relationships, parenting, stress, anxiety, depression, narcissistic abuse, etc. 

$ 850 / hr


Ms. Boley Cheng

Clinical Psychologist

Over 3 yrs of experience in working with diverse populations with a client-centred and collaborative framework

$ 850 / hr

Nikitta Chau.png

Ms. Nikitta Chau

Life Coach

Specializes in coaching dating/relationship, positive mindset, executive / leadership, career, divorce transition, communication effectiveness

$ 1750 / hr

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