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About the Course

How to tell if your partner is a player or he / she really likes you? Should we choose a similar or complementary partner when we are dating someone? These are the signs when he / she is serious about you. And it turns out that there are psychological theories to explain whether a similar or complementary partner suits you better!

Our experienced counselling psychologist, Ms. Christina Leung, will analyse the qualities of an ideal romantic partner from a psychological point of view. You will learn the signs to look for if he or she is the one and no longer take the wrong way on finding your love.

What You Will Learn

  • Recognize the signs that tell he or she is a player.

  • Qualities of a dream life partner versus an incompatible match.

  • A similar versus a complementary partner.

  • Ways to get along better with your spouse.

Who This Course Is For

  • Anyone who has had enough of being single.

  • Anyone who is seeking their soulmate to spend the rest of their lives together.

  • Anyone who is not sure if you are dating the right person.

  • Anyone who is tired of attracting wrong men and wants to break the pattern.

  • Singles ready to settle down and find the perfect one for them.

  • Singles who want to prepare themselves for a long term relationship.

About the Instructor

Ms. Christina Leung

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Ms. Christina Leung is a counselling psychologist with over 14 years of experience in the industry. She is an Emotion Focused Individual and Couple Therapist, an Art Therapist with Master of Arts in Professional Counselling. Christina received a wide range of training from UN and NOVA in handling situations in drug use and victim assistance. She has delivered lectures and training in Psychology, Counselling and Coaching in universities, corporations and communities in Hong Kong and China.

Christina is passionate in walking with individuals, couples and families through struggles in personal growth, marital relationships, parent-child relationships, LGTB, depression, anxiety, cancer survivors, substance additions, trauma, and personality issues. She often helps people gather strengths to step forward to rebuild relationships with self and others.

Before Starting A Relationship: A Player or Being Serious? A Similar or Complementary Partner?




10 minutes

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