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5 Benefits of Online Counselling

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

1. Accessibility

Let’s face it. People need emotional support. A good professional psychologist can help you to go through challenges in life and promote personal growth. And online counselling allows you to talk to your counsellor at any time, anywhere, even after office hours. Meanwhile, it allows people with physical disabilities or limited mobility to have online counselling services at their fingertips. Even children and teens are more willing to have an online chat with counsellors, rather than a traditional consultation.

2. Convenience

Online counselling is usually quite affordable and convenient. Since you could have the online counselling anywhere you want, you can usually schedule the consultation at the most convenient time. Especially for those that have long working hours or need to take care of their family at all times, online counselling can offer flexibility and convenience. As there is no boundary or barrier for geographic area, the counsellors are able to reach out to more clients, even when they are travelling or relocated.

3. Psychological disorders

For those who are struggling about counselling, they may find that online counselling is a better option for them if they do not prefer to talk about their issues in person. For example, people with social phobia, agoraphobia or anxiety issues.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Generally speaking, online counselling is more economical for both counsellors and clients. This saves the counsellors from office rental and commuting expenses, comparing with traditional counselling services. Customers can also be benefited and pay the counselling services at a more affordable price.

5. Privacy and Security

The online counselling allows people to communicate more openly without worrying about race, gender, age, size or appearance bias. If people can be more honest about their issues, it will certainly help the counsellors to evaluate the situations and causes more effectively. Imagine a person who has been sexually abused or involved in domestic violence. The victim may be able to disclose these incidents as he/she can choose to be anonymous with an online counsellor.


Based on the above 5 benefits, online psychological counselling provides another option for people to receive assistance from mental health professionals. It is also an important tool that promotes your personal growth, such as self-care and coping strategies which lead to better mental health, both for yourself and others around you.

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