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About the Course

A break up is never easy, no matter who initiates it. It is very painful and can leave its marks deeply rooted in ourselves if not handled properly. But it doesn't have to be this way.

No matter how bad your break up was, how traumatic the experience was or how painful it is for you right now, you can heal your heart if you are willing to take the initiative.

Having healthy coping mechanisms in place is essential to getting over your ex and moving on with strength. In this course, Ms. Lotus Chan will guide you through the difficult times after a break up. She will lead you step by step through the healing process, using a holistic range of skills to deal with the emotions healthily and productively.

While it’s true that time heals all wounds, you can speed up the process by taking control over your health and emotions, and then become a better version of yourself.

What You Will Learn

  • Recognize emotions and situations you will be facing after an end of relationship.

  • Recognize the five stages of grief, knowing which stage you are being through.

  • Ways to get over a break up and cope with grief.

  • How to deal with loneliness and be happy alone.

  • How to be confident again and build self-worth.

  • How to embrace yourself and build self-love.

  • Mindfulness practices to process your emotions.

  • The power of smiling and positive thinking.

  • How to prepare yourself for your next relationship.

Who This Course Is For

  • Anyone who is going through a break up, divorce, or separation.

  • Anyone who finds it hard to move on after a break, divorce, or separation.

  • Any timeline: whether the break up was a day, a year or a decade ago.

  • Anyone who wants to get psychological counselling but doesn't know how to take the first step.

  • Singles or divorcees who want to prepare themselves for a new, happier, healthier relationship.

About the Instructor

Ms. Lotus Chan

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